Easy DIY Succulent Planter

As Spring draws closer I find myself desiring to plant flowers and add a little color to the home with natural greenery. However, there are no plants in the garden centers just yet that can withstand these Winter days that are still to come. You can however find succulents at your local Home Improvement store that will survive inside the home adding the perfect amount of green. So keep on reading to see how you can put together a very easy succulent planter.

Watch Chain succulent easy Diy planter PCB home

If your shopping for succulents during the winter season you will want to check inside your local hardware store near the indoor plant section. I purchased mine from Lowes and this particular one is known as Watch Chain. I loved the vibrant green color and the unique pattern of the stems.

What you will need:

  1. Container
  2. Soil
  3. Pebbles
  4. Succulent
Easy DIY Succlent Container Planter

All of my container supplies are from PCB Home and you can find the glass container and the natural wood pedestal on their site. Now I am sure that the original intended use for these items was to hold a candle but I looked at them and knew it was the perfect match for a succulent. Now that you have your supplies you will need to put it all together.

  1.  Fill the bottom of the planter with a thin layer of the pebbles. Succulents do not like to have their roots wet so make sure that you keep them above the water level. If your container has drainage holes you can skip this step.
  2. Fill the planter with potting soil. You will want a kind that provides good drainage and you can purchase a succulent potting mix but I just used what was already with my succulent.
  3. Your ready to plant the succulent. You can choose to plant one or even use several different varieties to create a grouping of succulents.
  4. Water your succulent and give it a lot of light. They like the dry humidity and warm conditions. Allow your succulent to dry out between each watering.
Easy DIY succulent planter Watch Chain Container

This was such an easy project that was done in just a matter of minutes and I am happy with the pop of color it adds to our home.
Total cost breakdown:
Natural Wooden Base $6.00
Glass Container $6.00
Succulent $9.00
I would love to hear if you had planted succulents. Do you have a favorite? What types of containers have you used? Thanks for stopping by!