The Weekly

Ever have those weeks that you look back and think, "my goodness what did I do this week" well that has been my week. I am thankful for my camera and all the photos I take because it does provide me with a way of looking back at my day to day ramblings around home.

Beautiful Garden Wheelbarrow with flowers

I took a trip out to our local garden nursery this week to buy potting soil. Now if you know how much I love plants then you can guess that I didn't just buy potting soil. I came home with potting soil, a flat of White Tritunias, another Viburnum bush and some Vinca. Flowers make me so happy. I love grabbing my coffee in the mornings and heading out to tend to all the plants.

Green and White Garden Old Washtub Planter

I have two of these old washtubs that sit on our porch. I love their character and filling them each year is always fun. I did plant Hostas in the washtubs this year and now I won't have to plant quite as many annuals. This is a mixture of a Hosta, White Tritunias and Silver Star Helichrysum. I took many pictures this week of my garden areas as I will be doing a guest post for a big gardening blog soon so stay tuned for that!

Galvanzied Planter Container

We have had one of the most wet Springs that I can remember. Many days of rain, tornado activity ,flooding and hail. A location just outside of town was hit this week with a small tornando and many of the community members came together to help them pick up debri off the highway and clean up their land. They were local farmers and so I am hoping that they can rebuild their barns quickly.

Honey bees

A long time dream of mine has been to have bees. This week my son and I got to go to a friends house and watch her work with her bees. It was the most fascinating time of watching and learning. I was never scared and didn't wear a bee suit. I am amazed at how calm the bees are when they don't feel threatened. We will be ordering our bees in December and starting this adventure next Spring. This will give us more learning time and Spring is the best time to get bees.

smoking honey bees

Our home school library group has parted ways for the summer. It is always a bit of a sad day for our children as they look forward to all their friends and the activities each week. Another one of the mothers and I have decided to get together every week and allow the children to play and us a time to visit. It is so refreshing to just sit and visit. Scheduling time in the busy schedules of life for other people is so important for our souls. With the hustle and bustle of life I think it is time to make porch sitting, conversation, tea drinking, ice cream eating more of a priority! Wouldn't you agree?

Garden Shed She Shed Potting Shed

Last summer I hit an all time high with my weight. I was up in the 190s and on my 5'5" frame that is a lot of weight. In November of 2016 I began doing Trim Healthy Mama and have lost 20 pounds. (IG: thefreckled_trimhealthymama) I wish I could say that I had stuck with it 100% but I haven't. I have days that I fail but the next day is always a new day. I do best when I have a menu plan and so I worked on that today. I never feel deprived eating the Trim Healthy Mama way but I have a tendency to not plan well and that has to change! I also started walking several weeks ago. It began as a way to deal with some anxiety that I was coping with but it has now turned into an everyday event. The children and I walk 1.5 miles in the morning and then a lot of evenings when my husband gets home we will do the 1.5 miles again .I would really encourage you to move every day no matter how small you may start. It has done wonders for the way that I feel physically and mentally.

It has been wonderful to get out and walk around our town and I really do mean we walk around the town. We live in a tiny area and the 1.5 miles takes us all around the outskirts. I enjoy visiting with people that are out and getting to know the community better. My husband is the pastor of the only church in town and he is also the Mayor so getting to know the people is wonderful.

We get to see beautiful views on our walk and that little shed in the above photo is one of my favorite places to pass each day. The little lady that lives on the property is 86 years old and still comes to church as much as she can. A lot of times she still walks the 2 blocks and that is such an inspiration to me.

Country Roads

A lot of people would probably complain about our roads with the big pot holes and overgrown trees but to me I see the beauty in this space. It's calming to walk through here and watch my children ride their bikes through the puddles. I believe that there is something beautiful to be found everywhere. It's just taking the time to look for it.

Country Clothes Line Table Linens

I haven't been going to many antique stores lately but the few I have been to I was able to find several vintage tablecloths. These are so beautiful and in wonderful condition. I didn't pay more than a few dollars for them. I have almost completely given up the big box stores when it comes to home decor. I see so many of the same items in peoples homes and I really love the idea of buying used and keeping our money local. My home may not be the most trendy but I am okay with that. I do what I love and purchase items that make my place feel like a cozy home.

Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

With all the rain the garden has been growing quickly. I have really enjoyed having the raised beds. They are easy to mow around and there is very little weeding required. I planted a long row of Day Lilies in the back and I am really excited for when they start blooming.

Growing Lavender in Missouri

I purchased two Lavender plants that I am going to try and keep alive in the garden bed. I have tried to grow Lavender before but didn't have much success. This time I did some reading and learned that I need to add sand to my soil and I did. So if you live in Missouri and grow Lavender I would love to know how you do it!

German Shepard Puppy

My sweet puppy, River, seems to have grown quite a bit this week. I am still in puppy training mode with all her commands but she is so smart and learning quickly.

I hope each one of you had a lovely week and are looking forward to the blessings that this week holds. Thank you so much for stopping by.