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So much of my life on this blog is about home decor and gardening. I love documenting a a great DIY project or sharing the latest garden happenings but I also love to share the daily life stuff. As I sit here and type it is once again pouring down rain. We have had so much rain lately that it has caused a lot of flooding and a lot of damage. It has been a very stormy and wet Spring. In fact, we are still waiting to have a new roof, siding and skirting put around our place from the last major storm. Supposedly, there is another storm rolling in tonight.

flatcreek farmhouse blog
flatcreek farmhouse

Between the down pour of rain we have had some great weather. I am always anxious to start planting as soon as I think we are out of the frost danger. I have hit quite a few great sales recently and bought a lot of new plants. My favorite place to look for annuals is at Lowes. Many times they will mark down the damaged plants or even ones that still look perfectly fine but maybe they need to make room for newer ones. I recently took a trip and purchased some plants for 1.00 and none of them were more than 3.00. When you have a lot of containers to fill then you stock up on the plants.

flatcreek farmhouse

With all these wet Spring days the children have loved going out to splash in the puddles. Anyone else do this as a child? I still sometimes wade in the puddles after the rain. I find rain soothing and apparently my children love puddles as much as their mother.

flatcreek farmhouse blog

The school days are winding down. The majority of the school work for the year has been finished but we will continue to school a little through out the summer. It isn't always book work but doing things like trips to the creek to explore the life there or trips to the woods to work on plant identification. We love doing school outside when the days are so pretty.

flatcreek farmhouse blog

I recently had quite a scare with Melanoma. I love the sun and in my younger years I burnt a lot and spent a lot of time in the tanning beds. I have been more careful in recent years but not careful enough. This has really put me on edge about my skin and I have chosen to make my own sunscreen. I burn easily and will be testing out my recipe before I share it with everyone. I am very cautious about what goes on my skin and I try to stay away from any kind of chemicals. So that is why I have chosen to make my own. I will keep you all updated.

diy sunscreen natural flatcreek farmhouse

The biggest news for our home life is that we got a new puppy. Getting a puppy is not something that I take lightly. I believe in a well trained obedient dog and so I must spend a lot of time training. We have one dog that is a mix between a Malamute and a Lab. She is named Clary Sage. Our newest addition is a German Shepard named, River Elowyn. She has been so much to have and is learning very quickly when it comes to commands. Our dogs are inside a lot and are trained to listen very well.

flatcreek farmhouse

This past week I built two new garden beds. I loved the garden that I had a couple of years ago but we really needed to move the location of it. So, since we were moving the garden area I chose to go with raised beds. It will take time to get this area all beautiful again but it will happen. I will be adding more beds soon.

diy raised garden beds douglas fir raised vegetable bed

And the best thing about having your own garden? It just so happens to be all the fresh vegetables and herbs that I can walk outside and grab for some of my favorite dishes. One of my favorites is Guacamole. I could seriously eat this stuff everyday!

Gaucamole Recipe DIY

This is the recipe that I use to make my gaucamole. I just use various amounts of ingredients depending upon what I feel like using. Everyone seems to like a bit of a different taste and I personally love the onions and jalapenos.

Diced tomatoes
Diced onions
Cut the avocado in half the long way and throw away the hard center piece. Scoop out the avocado with a spoon into a bowl. I use a fork to smash my avocado. Add in other ingredients to your liking and mix well. Add in a squeeze of lime juice to keep it from turning brown.

flat creek farmhouse

I have really been taking strides to be more intentional about life. Taking time to slow down and really listen to my children, walking at least a mile and a half each day while the children ride their bikes, stopping to pick wildflowers, making tents in the yard and spending less time on my phone. It feels good not to be in the race of life and not to feel rushed or hurried. Stress can come easy and I don't want that in my life. So you will find me spending lots of time reading, porch sitting, hanging out at the creek, camping and gardening this summer. What are you being intentional about this summer? What are your summer plans? I would love love to hear!

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