Flat Creek Farmhouse

Your dreams don’t have to be expensive. That is what I have always said. My name is Sarah and I am working hard to create a beautiful home on a budget. Several years ago we stumbled upon a foreclosure in the form of a manufactured home right next to the church that my husband pastors. It was a disaster but the structure was in great shape and the price was incredible. Our dream has been to live more simply and to not be a slave to debt so we decided to pursue our dream and we purchased our home for $10,000 and that includes the lots that it sits on. It is the largest home that we have ever lived in with it being 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Some say we are crazy but I have the joy of completely redoing this place in a style that I love. I love a fresh clean style that is created on a budget. Part of the thrill in remodeling our home is looking for great deals. Many times that means thrifting, great barn sales and even refinishing furniture to fit within the style that I love. Will we keep this home forever and move it to the country? I don’t know the answer to that yet. My dream is to restore an actual farmhouse but at this point I am content to make this home into the style that I love…farmhouse style.