Fall Outdoor Decorating

It's a slight chill in the air with heavy filled foggy mornings that beckon me outside to enjoy the crisp crunch of the already fallen brown leaves from the tall Walnut tree in the front yard. Goldenrod stands tall across the street and the big leaves of the Maple are just starting to fade from their vibrant green colors. The stores are filling with mums and pumpkins in all sizes and colors and the apple trees are loaded with plenty for all. Fall must be near.  


Junk Garden Style

How many times can you look at a piece of "junk" and think about your garden space? I have long loved looking at long forgotten pieces that have been thrown by the wayside and wonder how I can reinvent it for my garden. So, grab your favorite drink and take a virtual walk around the flower garden with me by visitingGardening Know How.

Container Planting

Driving past our home before we owned it was quite a place to behold and it wasn't because it had curb appeal. Our yard resembled more of a junk yard on a small scale and so when we purchased the property we had a lot of work to do on not just the interior but the exterior as well.