DIY Holiday Napkin Idea with Burlap Ribbon and Anise Stars. Beautiful and Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting. Rustic, Country, Simple, Farmhouse, Woodsy


Are you in need of a last minute holiday table napkin holder? I recently created this super easy idea and the supplies you need are very few. It will add a rustic element to your table this holiday season and it takes less than 10 minutes to create. 

DIY Easy Homemade Holiday Craft for simple living during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.


For the past several years I have been trying to get away from the commercialism of the holidays. I found the holidays to be stressful and rushed which always left me feeling tired and exhausted at the end of the season. The holidays had become more about decorating and shopping and less about traditions and time with family. This year my family is on a mission to create a homemade holiday and I would love for you to join me today as I show you how to make a gorgeous garland from items in the kitchen.

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how to dry oranges:
Homemade Holiday Series

I have often felt like I was born in the wrong era for my 36 year old self. I like a simpler way of life and this world that I live in feels a little too fast paced for me. Several years ago the way I viewed the holidays changed and I have strived to create a much more cozy feeling for the season. One that is wrapped in traditions and celebration. So I challenged the children and myself this year to a homemade holiday.

How to Dry Sunflowers

Drying Sunflowers

When the sunflower heads began to droop I knew that I wanted to preserve them for use in our Autumn décor. I love using natural elements to decorate and I knew that the dried heads of the sunflowers would be perfect. I was surprised to find out that the drying process was very easy. 


Gathered Wildflower Wreath

The mornings have become much cooler and the sunsets just a little earlier these days. I walked outside on September 1 and the low valleys were filled with a heavy fog that hung down to earth. Craddled through the tall trees was the brightest golden yellow sun peeking through in all of its autumn beauty. I grabbed my cellphone to take a photo but nothing truly captures the awe of that moment. That moment set the Autumn mood for me and I knew that I had the desire to create that morning. Join me in learning how to make a gathered wildflower wreath.