The very best gingerbread recipe

Christmas Tree Gingerbread Recipe

Creating Christmas traditions with my children is one of my favorite passions. I always enjoy working in the kitchen with them and Christmas time is no different. I recently came across an old recipe from Tasha Tudor and knew I had to try it. I do believe that we will be adding these to our yearly Christmas baking tradition.

Simple and easy DIY homemade Holiday Potpourri for the Christmas season

Stove top simmering potpourri

The comfort of home is what I love. The smell, the cozy feel, the lighting, the wood burning stove. Add all those together this time of the year with Christmas lights twinkling in the home and I rarely want to leave. 

Preserving fresh winter greenery

Preserve christmas greenery

Do you love using fresh greenery during the holiday season? Adding greenery instantly brings the outdoors in and creates a warmth to the home during the season. Add some lights to your greenery and you instantly have a festive arrangement. 

White lights and fresh greenery are just two of the things I love to when putting together decorations for our home. However, I dislike having all the crumbling, dried needles falling all over the place. So, I went in search of an answer to my problem and I think I found one. 

How to dry cranberries without an oven

how to dry cranberries

It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I am sitting here with the sun streaming in and the windows open. This is rather unusual for the last days of November but I won't complain much. Children are scattered on the couches, curled up with a good book and Christmas music is playing in the background. I have three real trees up in the house and I have one partially decorated. The other two are waiting their turn but in the meantime I am enjoying them just the way they are. I am working towards creating a more slow and meaningful holiday season with my family and so I am doing several different homemade holiday ornaments. I recently shared how to dry oranges and how to use those dried oranges for a holiday garland. Yesterday I took the time to dry cranberries, which took much longer than I thought, but I really like them. 

Easy air dry clay star ornament. Perfect for the rustic farmhouse, woodland, scandinavian style home for the Christmas season.

air dry clay star 

My youngest daughter and I spent the day together hanging around the house. The rest of the family was all scattered in different locations and so her and I made some air dry clay ornaments for one of our Christmas trees.

DIY Clay Ornaments.jpg


I was strolling through the craft store the other day with the children in tow. I was looking for some activities that would keep them entertained during the longer days of the upcoming months. With darkness rolling in around 5:30, the days can feel long and dreary and it can be hard to keep children entertained for long hours. Air dry clay was one of the items I picked up and placed in my cart. Then an idea came to mind....