Pantry Organization

Do you love a well organized space to work in the kitchen? Life is often hectic enough and the last thing I need to face when cooking a meal is searching through all the cabinets and bags looking for what I need. I recently shared our new kitchen pantry here and thought I would answer some of the most common questions I get about this space. 


Kitchen Pantry Reveal

We have had our sliding barn door up for just a little over a month and I am happy to say that we love it just as much now as the day it was hung. I recently finished a before post with all the photos of this space and if you would like to check that out then head on over to this post. So, since I know you are here to see photos I will just get straight to the reveal.


Building a Pantry

Life has been really busy and even a little tiring around here with several remodeling updates happening at once.
The kitchen is the heart of our home as I am sure it is for many other families.
Something about food has a way of bringing us all together.
Our most recent update to the kitchen is a very exciting one for me.
A walk in pantry


Kitchen Lighting

I am one who loves the hunt for unique pieces in our home. Lighting is no different and if I can find a great bargain then I really get excited. I recently made a trip to Michaels and was browsing when I stumbled upon an item that nearly had me dancing in the store. I however was able to refrain from embarrassing myself but did grab my new found item and headed to the counter with my 40% off coupon in hand. Come see how I took two different light pieces to make one. 


Kitchen: Before

The kitchen in our double wide is a good size. That is one of the things that sold me on this home. There were plenty of cabinets and that was important for this family of 6. The former owners never cleaned or so it seemed which means that I had a lot of scrubbing to do in order to even think about moving in. This photo below was taken after some much needed cleaning and before we took out the fridge that they left full of rotten food. YUCK!

A Clutter Free Kitchen

Clutter Free Kitchen Tips

Last year I started clearing out items in our home that we really didn't use and one of the areas that I try and keep clutter free is our kitchen and dining room area. How many of you know someone that keeps all those plastic grocery sacks or even those plastic containers that used to hold food? Maybe that is you and your mind set is that you will eventually use those items one day. When will that day come? Yes, you many eventually use one or two of the items that you have stored but what about the space it consumes in your cabinets? I am not one of those who keeps all those extras around because all the various kinds of clutter makes it harder to keep a clean home and to keep our home organized.